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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  March 27, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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the search effort has begun. coming up, we'll take you inside the headquarters of the volunteer search for a missing morgan hill teen. as you can see, some people are already signing up to help. >> reporter: two stabbings within a 25-hour time frame. how it's connected to the san francisco occupy movement and what police are doing about it. the rain's beginning to fall on another wet and windy day. what you need to know before heading off to the airport. also, a disturbing incident that leads to an important warning at one bay area middle school. "mornings on 2" begins right now. well, good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> i'm maureen naylor. tori campbell has today off.
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we begin where a new effort will begin to find missing teenager, sierra lamar. allie rasmus is live where volunteers are already meeting. allie? >> reporter: well, they just opened the doors to burnett elementary. these are the headquarters for the search effort to find the girl you see in these pictures. they have her -- they have her name and pictures and as can you see, there are people are getting a head start. you do need to be 18 and provide a valid i.d. and register. anyone who wants to help should come to burnett elementary here at 85 tillton avenue. rege stration begins at 8:00. now, the goal of the volunteers is to help find clues in the disappearance of 15-year-old sierra lamar, the morgan hill
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teen missing for more than ten days. this volunteer operation is operated by the kids' foundation. the group clap klass foundation was started by marc klass whose daughter went missing 20 years ago. they are not saying how many volunteers they are hoping to turn out. but they have maps out for 200 this week. >> the idea is to get the community involved and get the community engaged and slowly eliminate as much area as we can. even in the elimination, even if we don't find anything that aids the investigation. so that's our goal. >> reporter: now, if volunteers find anything suspicious in their search, they are instructed to immediately notify the sheriff's office.
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what they are doing, they initially give training. there are sign-up sheets. again, you need have a valid i.d. and be 18 to participate and then you wear a vest like this, things that identify them as volunteers. they are working closely and they have a liaison from their office working with these volunteers. live in morgan hill, ail little rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news -- allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. a funeral is set to take place in gilroy tomorrow for martha gutierrez and her children. gilroy police say abel gutierrez killed martha and his sister earlier this month.
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abel gutierrez served in iraq and police say he had posttraumatic stress -- post- traumatic stress disorder. >> reporter: we're here in front of the federal reserve building. the protesters say they are definitely concerned about this recent rash of violence. they are walking in pairs. if we pan over across the street, you can see the man standing guard over the rest of the group while they sleep. that's because after 1:-- 11:30 last night, a man got in a scuffle with a man who was not a participant.
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he stabbed him in the neck. >> of course it's not safe. >> reporter: another stabbing happened late sunday night when an occupy protester was stabbed in the chest over a stolen purse and cell phone. he's expected to survive. now, the suspect in that stabbing ran off. he's described as 20, 25 years old, 5'5", 135 pounds, blond hair, blue eyes and last seen wearing a puffy jacket. the suspect is white, 5'1"1 with a thin build. occupiers say the recent problems stem from mentally ill people homeless wandering in their area looking for trouble. tam, tara moriarty, ktvu
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channel 2 news. coming up at 7:15, our washington, d.c. bureau will bring us the scene outside of the supreme court building this morning. vallejo decided to provide each of its city council members with an i.d pad in an effort to save money on paper, copier maintenance and staff time used to assemble pack ets for meetings. the -- packets for meetings. 7:06. a plan that could change bay area transit in a big way gets a first vote tomorrow. now, the full plan would provide almost 12k-8 .5 billion to electrify caltrans tracks. the metropolitan transportation commission is expected to recommend spending $46 million in federal sources for that project. but that would divert money away from other agencies including b.a.r.t. and muni.
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new this morning, a labor strike in germany has led to hundreds of canceled flights. workers walked off the job over a pay dispute. now, lust a lufthanza flight arrived an hour and a half late. now, our weather here this morning, causing delays and problems at bay area airports. beginning at 8:00 a.m., the flow control program will start at san francisco international. that will slow down take-offs and landing times. delays up to three hours are expected later this morning. oakland and san jose airports, they are not reporting any delays but they are advising passengers. you better check with your -- but they are advising
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passengers, you better check with your carrier before you leave. a woman was caught on highway 70 in sutter in yuba counties for driving 53 miles an hour. she was pulled over and then after that she was pulled over for going 777 miles an hour -- 77 miles an hour. she was arrested because of her disregard for public safety. she said she was on her way to help a family member. let's get you where you need to know. sal? >> you were talking about the flow program at the airport. that's because the runways at san francisco airport are closer together than is tippic lib the case. that's why oakland and san jose do not have air delays, but in san francisco, as you mentioned, they are gonna be pretty severe. we'll stay on top of that all morning. let's take a look at the commute. westbound bay bridge is backed up. now, we came on the air at 4:0.
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it was empty here but the winds have been here -- i would say the winds have probably been there from before then. i noticed them here. we've been looking at this camera since at least 4:30 and traffic is moving along well. it's shaky out there. it will be raining later in most of these commutes according to steve. you can see some red sensors here coming up after blossom hill heading up to 280. also moving the maps to 280, southbound 880 at tennyson road, there is a crash on the shoulder. not great driving and the promise of rain. let's bring in back from vacation, mr. steve paulson. >> thank you, sal. i have to give a shout out to sfo. they are good to me. i get through everything fast. they are good. we do have delays because of the rain. cloudy skies here. now, the rain's opinion pretty steady in the north bay.
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it will pick up for everybody later on. the rain has not amounted to too much in the east bay and south bay. but it's starting to stack up. the next one is roaring right along. i thought we might get a break for maybe an hour or so but it looks like this next system is racing right along. the jet stream is really helping it because it's really very strong. you can see the system mainly towards the north bay from about san francisco, concord, north. there's been some steady rain out there. there is your time line, still in the north bay. watch how the system begins to move in about noon. as that moves in, it will continue to increase in the afternoon hours. by 6:00, everybody is in on the rain. this will be moderate to relative rain, especially in the santa cruz mountains and it will linger into wednesday morning. by this time wednesday morning
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we'll have that. santa rosa up to .37 and then petaluma, mill valley, .04. i did see .0210 in livermore and about the same for -- .02/10. mountain view is only 39%. get towards parts of the south bay and the peninsula has been lacking here. they will make up a little bit of ground. north bay could see some decent rain over the next three to five days. really mild system. so snowball in the mountains will be -- snowball in the mountains will be -- snowfall will be up around 6,000 feet. there's our system. it has to move in later on. some of the projections, i think they will be more than this for ben lomond, 1.75.
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the sierra, though, 5:00 today, that winter storm warning kicks in. snow level up there, 6,000 feet. snowfall could easily be 3 feet. cloudy, rain, very windy at times, mild temperatures, temperatures in the upper 50s to the north bay because of the cloud cover and rain. but mid-60s elsewhere. upper 60s with the strong east wind. next system friday into saturday. it does look like things look much better. dave and maureen? a new report says the bay area has two of the top five most densely pop lated area. los angeles is -- populated areas. los angeles is ranked number one, with almost 7,000 people per square mile. the san francisco area, 6200 people per square mile. san jose ranked number three, with 5800 people per square
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mile. here's a surprise, delano, a little city north of bakersfield, ranked number four. they are ahead of new york, new jersey, newark that area, believe it or not. >> surprising. for all of us who have driven through that town. >> yes. investigators say the man who went on a shooting rampage in france recorded the whole thing. the video that's surfaced. and mitt romney is leaving the bay area this morning. which california he's headed to next and the cash some are paying to see him. and standing up for your health, what the study reveals about the dangers of sitting down too much. what do you think of this one?
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we'll see one to two inches of rain, with heavier rain tonight. 7:15. more new information about that deadly shooting spree in france. the french officials say the gunman did not send the video of the attacks that al-jazeera now has. police say that video was sent after he died. the man police are blaming for the shootings, muhammed mehra, recorded the video from his point of view. now, al-jazeera says it will not be airing that video. we're also hearing new allegations that robert bales snuck off his military base in southern afghanistan twice during the 90-minute period that he's accused of killing 17 afghan villagers. the military officials say that after shooting people in one village, bales reentered his military base and was seen at that point by fellow soldiers. they say bales snuck out again and headed to a second village.
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he was met for a search party as he was trying to reenter the military base the second time. 7:16. a new polls show americans support for the war in afghanistan has dropped sharply. the latest "new york times" poll believe 69% of the surveyed people believe american should not be involved in the war. when asked how they think it's going, 9% think not well compare -- 69% think not well compared to 50% in november. 7:17. well, new this hour, the u.s. supreme court begins a second day of arguments about president obama's health reform
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law. as alison burns reports from outside the supreme court, this is the biggest day of the three days of arguments because this is dealing with the main issue. is it constitutional for the federal government to force you to buy health insurance? alison? >> reporter: a new national poll shows the country is split about the health reform law and we are hearing loud demonstrations from both sides outside of the court this morning. >> i love obama care! >> protect our rights! >> reporter: with one side yelling "we love obama care" and the other side shouting "we hate obama care," a tea party rally gets underway this hour. this woman is from georgia. >> this is america. everyone is entitled to their opinions. but obama care, i feel will not work for this country and
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absolutely bring the country dawn. >> reporter: one of the officials vonned says he's on the -- involved says he's optimistic the law will be upheld. >> i feel confident at the end of the day, it will be implemented in a timely manner. >> reporter: back out like, you can see the demonstrations have -- live, you can see the demonstrations have spilled out in the streets. i will have more coverage in my next hour, alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. well, the federal government is giving you more help to keep your personal information away from internet marketers. federal regulators plan to design privacy protection into their products, provide do-not track features and also what's being collected about you and
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why. if companies don't do this, congress may consider a do-not- track law. well, the company that makes the controversial product pink slime is suspending operations at three of its four plants. it is shutting down plants in texas, kansas and iowa. those three factories make 900,000 pounds of pink slime every day. now, recently, the federal government said school lunch programs could opt out of buying meat that includes that filler which is made out of beef bits and ammonia. in our election coverage this morning, mitt romney is on his way to stockton today. he's set to appear at at breakfast at a billionaire. the lodi couple of -- a lodi couple of spent $2,000. and they are also paying for their friends to attend that
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will could the them $1,000. they say it's -- cost them $16,000. >> very, very well had spent money. >> they plan to take a photograph of mitt romney and put it up on the walls with the other politicians they've met. guys around the country now have never made a payroll or managed a p and l or started a business or anything. >> i think romney is did thely seen as the -- is definitely seen as the hands-on compared to rick santorum. on thursday, one of
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romney's republican rivals will attend a fund-raiser at the home of mark pine. santorum will also be holding a campaign rally at the jelly belly factory in fairfield. that rally will get underway at 4:00 p.m. on thursday and it is open to the public. 7:21, you may want to stand up after you hear about this new research. it's a new study. they say people who spend 11 or more hours every day sitting down are 40% more likely to die over the next three years. the information comes from australia where they studied people over the age of 45 years old. researchers found that matter how active you are, prolonged sitting will raise your mortality risk. it can also lead to diabetes, obesity and cancer. rain and wind are both on
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tap this morning. coming up, steve will let us know where and when you will see it. also, controversy over a vote to close down doyle park elementary. why one vote could be considered a conflict of interest. good morning. it's raining that. will affect your drive. we'll take a look at the bay area commute. [ female announcer ] here in california, our schools need help. the largest class size in the nation. 47th out of 50 in per-student funding. but right now, we can make history
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all on trend. and, everyone and everything looks good. even my bank account! fashion direct from designers. savings direct to you. this nonstop fashionista is definitely a maxxinista. t.j.maxx. let us make a maxxinista out of you. the santa rosa school district is investigating a board member's vote to close doyle school. on march 14th, wakefield voted to close the school to make room for an french-american charter school. this could be a violation of conflict of interest rules. tomorrow, the board's holding a meeting to discuss the issue. all right. 7:25. sal says we've got an issue with flight delays in the bay area. what's going on?
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>> well, after 8:00 this morning, san francisco international airport is gonna start their flow cell program. that means flights are gonna come in slower. they are gonna go out slower. delays could reason more than three hours. check with your airline. now oakland and san jose are not affected. this is because the ray -- this is because of the way the runways are configured. it's been a long-standing issue. whenever the weather gets bad that's what happens. the visibility is good. it's not an issue of the visibility. it could be the winds when the planes are -- and also for your driving. it could be windy out there. so just be careful as you are driving across causeways and bridges. 's rain as we're seen but heavy track for sure from 37. this is a look at 880. stop-and-go traffic as you drive from 238 to union city. let's go to steve. thank you very much.
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rain mainly towards the north. , will see some rain later on this morning. cloudy with very windy conditions although they seem to be steady around 25 to 40 miles an hour even along the coast and also in the higher elevations. the part that i want to show you is the far let -- right to the left your screen. right now, though, things are increasing, especially toward the north bay. not a cold system this. is a very mild system. the jet stream is aimed right at us. it will give us rain tonight into tomorrow morning. cloudy, rain, windy at times until that system arrives, there could be mid-60s with a strong seat wind. upper 50s for the north bay, though. it looks like unsettled through wednesday. a break thursday, one more system on friday. and then sunday things should calm down. >> all right. new information on san
7:28 am
francisco's mass murder suspect. his years at san quentin and what happened after he let prison. >> reporter: students are beginning to arrive at the school where a man tried to lure a pairth graders in his car. we'll tell you what parents are telling their children about this and what the kids have to say.
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new this morning, police in concord have issued an important warning to young students. this follows an incident at el dorado middle school. christien kafton is live with the message that's now going out to parents. >> reporter: good morning. students are beginning to arrive at the school. word is still feltering about this incident. middle school officials here are putting out the word for parents and children to be on the alert after a man tried to lure two girls in his car. this message went out at about 6:45 yesterday afternoon. >> this afternoon, two 6th graders girls note fated the add -- notified the
7:32 am
administrators that a male stopped them and askedded -- and asked them to get in his vehicle this morning. >> reporter: the girls did say no. we spoke to one girl who said she heard the girls ran away from the vehicle. she called it a van. school resource officers met with the girls and is investigating but the principal goes on to say it's important for parents to tell children to be on the alert. we did cap up with one parent who said he heard about the incident via e-mail. in spanish, moses rojas told me he has a daughter who goes to this school and he told her not to talk to anybody on way to school. we're hoping to talk to the principal and the resource officer heading up investigation. we're live in concord,
7:33 am
christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:32. we're learning more about the man accused in lat week's mass murder in san francisco. 35-year-old binh thai luc is an ex-conwho did time in prison for robbery and assault. a judge ordered his immediate deportation after he finished his prison term but vietnam would not take him back and a recent ruling involving undocumented rumors prohibited him from being held for more than six months. so authorities had to set him free. >> in order to deport somebody, the country has to accept them or there has to be a country to send them to. and if there's no cooperation from the vietnamese government, there may not be a record of his birth and the u.s. can't put that together, then it wouldn't be -- they can't deport him. >> luc is the only suspect arrested so far in the killings. investigators say the killer or killers may have been trying to collect on a gambling debt.
7:34 am
last night, the victims' friends and family gathered outside. police say they are all victims of a horrifying attack involving an unspecified had edged weapon. the killings have shocked many in the area. >> it's terrible. i can't accept it. i don't know how to -- i don't know. >> earlier in the day workers gathered for a moment of silence at a restaurant in chinatown where one victim worked as a chef. and stay with ktvu and for continuing coverage. we'll bring you the late et on the case both on-air and online. well, president obama's open-mic moment has now turned into an international reprimand for one of the presidential candidates. it all started when president obama was meeting here with
7:35 am
russia's president during the nuclear security summit in south korea. now, president obama was yoef -- was overheard on the mic asking for flexibility on missile defense until after the elections. mitt romney pounced on that and now this morning russia's president has some advice for mitt romney. >> russia is not a friendly character on the world stage and for this president to be looking for greater flexibility where he doesn't have to answer to russia. that's very troubling and very alarming. >> i would advise two things to all u.s. presidential candidates, including the person you just mentioned. listen to reason when they formulate their opinions. reason never harmed a candidate. my other advice is to check the clocks from time to time. this is 2012, not the mid
7:36 am
1970s. >> look at this. president obama actually made fun of the moment. he covered up his microphone with his hand before greet ecthe president of russia. meantime, 21 countries in the arab league are meeting in baghdad. the iraqi government has really tightened security at the -- at baghdad. now, although syria is a member the arab league, it was not invited to this year's conference. 7:36. we're following developing news we first reported this morning. a powerful earthquake rocked northern japan a few hours ago. the preliminary magnitude is 6 hoey -- 6.4. officials say there may be a change sea levels but there's no risk of a tsunami. so far there are no reports of damage involved in this morning's quake. a protest over the trayvon
7:37 am
martin shooting is planned at the white house just about 90 minutes from now. we're hearing the shooter, gary zimmerman, told police that trayvon martin attacked him first. coming up at 7:47, hear how lawmakers in washington, d.c. are responding and what martin's parents plan to do on capitol hill. foster city police say it appears the shooting of a man in a reported break-in was a case of mistaken identity. officers responded to the call. when officers arrived, they heard gunshots. they say a 24-year-old san mateo man was seriously injured when he was shot by someone in the home. investigators believe the 24- year-old victim had been drinking with friends the night before and that he was trying to get in the home because he thought it belonged to a friend. 7:37. an autopsy scheduled for this week on a body that may have been trapped for almost two years inside of a submerged car. now, police say water levels at if the detention dam in merced
7:38 am
company recently receded enough in order to see the car. it's been missing since may of 2010. sheriffive divers found the remains of a body on the passenger side of that car. so far, no word on the person's identity. a san leandro man suspected of fatally stabbing his former girlfriend is due in court this afternoon. the 25-year-old man is accused of killing 25-year-old anna limary moreno on. the suspect was arrested ara s.w.a.t. team raided his house. police say moreno recently broke up with vazquez. under the proposal city council approval will be required for any action to extend the city's contract with wells fargo beige. the council could require the bank to disclose information about local loan modifications
7:39 am
and small business lending. some pleasant hill massage parlors are being rubbed out by new rules. under the new guidelines, only those certified can work in pleasant hill. they will have to get fingerprinted and pass a background check. 7:39. well, this week walnut creek could take some steps to change its laws for businesses that sell alcohol. the new ordinance would send nuisance standards for restaurants and bars that serve alcohol and would hold business people responsible for repeated problems, including public drunkenness and disturb, the police. well, the future of the animal shelter in palo alto is now in question. the city council talked about a proposal at the meeting lat night that would shut down the
7:40 am
shelter on bayshore road and replace it with a car dealership. palo alto is considering the closure because mountain view plans to stop using the shelter later this year. the council didn't make a decision last night. now a city committee will consider that proposal. today, the board of supervisors will vote on a scaled had back plan for the america's cup race. the revised plan calls for the port of san francisco to invest around $22 million. the original plan called for organizers to rest more than $110 in infrastructure upgrades in exchange for a long time developmentallal right. hey, sal, basicking at the toll plaza? >> it's -- behaving at the toll plaza? >> it's getting crowded. no chance to misbehash. only about a 15, 10 had minute 2008. when you get up there, you will be in a world of high winds.
7:41 am
it will feel like they are buffetting your car. it will be windy on the causeways and bridges in advance warm weather that steven will tell you about in a minute. if you are driving today and you are using your windshield wipers, your headlights have to be on partly cloudy partly cloudy -- your headlight have to be on. let's go to steve. dark clouds, not much in the way of any rain. north bay getting most of the rain so far. some of it toward the staff, peninsula not stacking up but starting to really increase.
7:42 am
>> from about pacifica to the carquinez straight, maybe concord, antioch south, there's really not a lot of that. ukiah .75. santa rosa .37. petaluma, .04. .210s -- .0210. santa rosa will be making up good found -- good ground. -- good ground. lake county, 6 to 7 inches -- moment of that will fall
7:43 am
tonight into tomorrow. 40s and 50s on the temperatures. very mild air mass. our system, though, is sweeping in. as it mops in tonight and tomorrow, we'll see the rain increase. heaviest amounts will be where you usually find it. santa cruz mountains. i think they will be more than this. very wind why the at times. rain steadty already in the north bay and temperatures will be in the upper 50s. just due to the cluck and a steady seat wind. rain tonight for, into wednesday. next system friday into saturday. it looks like a break on sunday. maureen? >> thank you, steven. 7:43. an act of generosity by a loot toe winner has led to a fight. and the newly released 911
7:44 am
tapes tee tailing a -- detailing a deadly avalanche and the santa cruz woman who survived it all. we are the sons and daughters of farmers who made cheese;
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the keepers of the loafs. the people who will never lower the bar. our world started in deep green grass and rain and the hills and the waves and the big, tall trees of tillamook, oregon. we make cheese of an exquisite standard and we live in a special place... where pure and good were invented.
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we want to give you some of the latest numbers on wall street. the dow is down about 6 points after an update yesterday. nasdaq is currently up 7. s&p is up just about a point. this comes after a report in the last 45 minutes that came out and found that u.s. consumer confidence has dipped after a rise in gas prices and home price fell. some of the deepest i clins were in san francisco and
7:47 am
portland. apple's ceo is taking care of business in china today. tim cook will meet with leaders there. he says he's looking to clean up problems in the market. hewlett-packard and oracle took new steps in their battle in the itani amount m case -- ianiam case. the trial is scheduled to start in may, the 1-- may, the 31st. a hearing is set for next month. since no one won the megamillions jackpot last
7:48 am
wednesday, it's now an estimated $303 million. your odds of winning, 1 in 176 million. if no one wins tonight's drawing, the cash pot will go up even bigger. experts say you have a better chance of winning if you pick your own numbers. well, did she give it away on purpose or was it an accident? that's a big question this morning about a winning lottery ticket. pam cook is in the newsroom. and that's one part of this very interesting story. >> this involves a woman who already won a million dollars from a previous ticket bought at the exact same store. now, we're live outside that store this morning, liquor and tobacco in mountain view. it said that store where emily leech bought a winning lottery ticket back in january that paid $1 million. since that win she said she's been handing out money to
7:49 am
strangers. that's what she said she was doing last friday when she went back to buy another lottery ticket. she said she handed $100 waiting in the line behind her. but she says she also accidentally gave him a megamillions lottery ticket as well. now, he says the ticket was a gift and he reportedly returned to that store on sunday to claim his winnings. by the way, the ticket now worth $260,000. now, we want to hear from you. who do you think the $260,000 belongs to? just follow us here on the ktvu channel 2 morning news team. the state lottery commission security department is investigating this. they may use the store's surveillance video to try to sort out this whole situation. pam cook, back to you. >> thank you, pam. 7:49. a stray bullet from a drive-by
7:50 am
shooting grazed a man while fishing at san pablo bay. authorities tell "the contra costa times" the fisherman heard gunfire and then realized he was shot. deputies say the shots were fired from a quarter mile away on california street. no one at that location was hurt. but the fisherman suffered a graze wound to the head. later today, trayvon martin's parents are set to attend a racial profiling hearing on capitol hill. there are new details. the paper in florida reports the neighborhood watchman who shot martin last month told police he was actually walking away from martin toward his vehicle when martin attacked him. >> george felt like and believed with all of his heart. he had to make a decision to defend them -- to defend himself and save his life. >> zimmerman said he shot in
7:51 am
sell defense, the -- in self- defense called "the stand your ground law." >> this law says nothing about following anyone or having premeditative points, like carrying a gun when you are following anyone.
7:52 am
for the first time we're now hearering the 911 calls immediately after an avalanche in washington state. it's a disaster that a woman from santa cruz lived to talk about. >> we have a major avalanche. we might have three to four people missing, at least. purk it's burying several people. >> now, that individual was among a dozen people skiing in stevens pass last month when the avalanche hit. three men were killed. he later told "the santa cruz sentinel" the avalanche buried her accept for her heads and hand. she credits a safety air bag for saving her lives.
7:53 am
7:52. a new crackdown in new york city airports. the passengers who are being targeted and the penalties they will now face. also -- how the high cost of gasoline is fueling a crime wave in the wine country.
7:54 am
7:55 am
snowe ma county wineries are becoming a popular target for fuel thieves. vendor owners are installing high fence, security cameras and gas caps to be able to stop bolt cutters b. but the sheriff says despite all of those predogses, fuel thefts are up 35% since november. some of the winemakers say they are just easy targets since there are not many other people
7:56 am
around. so far no arrests have been made. 7:55. the agency that runs the three biggest airports in the new york city area plans to take a big step towards disruptive passengers. the new york/new jersey port authority says last year police responded to 400 cases of travelers who refused to turn off their cell phones or computers. now it will take legal action against passengers who cause major delays. that could be anything from fines to civil lawsuits. southwest airlines raised its one-way fares pie $5. united, delta, america -- american, said they will map the price hike. they all say the jet prices are behind the move. airline fuel costs are up 12%
7:57 am
so far this year. 7:5. sal, i know you are watching flight delays but you are also watching the san mateo bridge, too. >> yeah, it's a little bit windy. out to 237, westbound, you can see track there is going to be slow as you cross 880. it stays slow to zanker road. 580 westbound is moderate from livermore to dublin. good in castro valley. slow in hayward and then across the bay 101 and 280 looking good on the peninsula. let's go to steve. >> all right. that's a good point. some of the rain is really picking up toward the north bay. more cloudy and windy for most locations, but the rain will pick up in intensity later on.
7:58 am
50s and 60s could take a while for the rain to get to the santa clara valley parts of the east bay. rain into wednesday, a break thursday, next system saturday into saund -- saturday and it looks like sunday should be okay. a new controversy involving oakland's mayor. what mayor jean quan will not reveal about her crime fighting plan. >> reporter: a massive volunteer subpoena effort is underway. it started early because of the enthusiastic response from the community. coming up we'll tell you how many people have already signed up to help to volunteer to find a missing south bay teen. >> reporter: two stabbings in two days what it has to do with the san francisco occupy movement and what police are
7:59 am
doing about it -- when "mornings on 2" continues. [ female announcer ] here in california, our schools need help.
8:00 am
the largest class size in the nation. 47th out of 50 in per-student funding. but right now, we can make history with a ballot measure to send every k-through-12 dollar straight to our schools. to every school and every child. not to sacramento. it's the only initiative that can say all that. check out our online calculator and find out how your school would benefit. visit today. good morning. welcome back to "mornings on 2."
8:01 am
i'm maureen naylor in today for tori campbell. >> and good morning. i'm dave clark. it's tuesday. it's march 27th. well, right now, some new search efforts are just getting started for missing teenager sierra lamar. ktvu's allie rasmus is in morgan hill where dozens of people have already signed up to help out. allie? >> reporter: we're inside the burnett element headquarter, the headquarters -- burnett elementary school, the headquarters for this search. there is a line to sign in and be part of the of this search effort. already, 65 people have signed you. once volunteers give a copy of their i.d. and contact information, you can see they are issued these volunteer search vests. the reason why i'm kind of keeping my voice down is because there is a training session for all of the volunteers already underway. so all of the people that you see, they are all people from
8:02 am
across the bay area. even across the state who have signed up to help find clues in the disappearance of 15-year- old sierra lamar. her picture and name are on the posters in this room, reminding the volunteers why they are here. she went missing on her way to school ten days ago. the sheriff's office is investigating her disappearance but now the klass organization is helping. they opened the door and the registration happened an hour ago. they started to pack their equipment. the group helps find missing loved ones. this group was founded by marc class, whose daughter, polly, was abducted and murdered. they are. >> we have searchers and we have more that we can get
8:03 am
ready. >> i have three -- i have three daughters. >> and again as we mentioned, volunteers go through training sessions before they head out. that's what you see going on here with the screen in the background. the director's search operations is standing in the middle of the crowd explaining to the people all of the things they have to look for and -- when they are out in the area looking for the clues in the disappearance of sierra lamar. all volunteers have to submit a copy of their i.d. if -- and if the volunteers find anything suspicious, they are instructed to immediately notify the sheriff's os and let them handing the legal aspects. but they are still expecting more volunteers.
8:04 am
>> and we can see mark klass in the -- marc klass in the background there. we're live outside of the u.s. supreme court. there is a speaker there speaking. we don't know who he is. but there are a lot of people there. a lot of signs. coming up at 8:30, our washington, d.c. bureau, which is there, they will describe the scene that's happening right outside of the u.s. supreme court building this morning. 8:04. a young man is fighting for her life following a shooting in oakland overnight. it happened last night while the victim was driving down 54th street near san pablo. investigators say the young man in his 20s crashed into two parked -- two parked cars after being hit by gunfire.
8:05 am
8:04. occupy protesters are, once again, camping out in san francisco. now police are investigating two stabbings in two days at the new encampment. tara moriarty is live along market street with the steps now being taken to stop the violence. tara? >> reporter: well, you know, this recent rash of violence is deeply troubling to the protesters here that are camped out in front of the federal reserve building. they are sort of stepping up their security. and they are also having one person stand guard and watch over the others. that's because last night
8:06 am
around 11:0, one man had to be taken to the hospital after he received some stab bounds -- stab wounds. he got into a scuffle with a man not -- the man called jimpo was there when the suspect scabbed him -- stashed him in the arm and neck. >> the police indicated by their aa they and -- apathy and lack of response and "an unnamed officer, who cannot hinder." so they are not for us when we're in trouble. another stabbing when a protester was stabbed in the chet and that protester ran
8:07 am
off. he's described as 20, 25 years old. blond hair, blue eyes. last seen wearing dark had framed glasses and a puffy stacket. in in recent stabbing, the man is about 5'1"1 with a thin build -- is about -- is about 5'11" with a thin build the contra costa times reports that some people are concerned about the schools and tonight's meet something a study action and no action will be taken. let's check the ackdz in the commute. hey, sal, you're watching all kinds of stuff right now. yeah, dave, and maureen. if you drive small cars -- dash i don't know what you drive --
8:08 am
cars -- i don't know what you drive -- but you, the viewer, if you drive a smaller car, you might want to be careful for the causeways and on the bridges. on the bridge, you will feel the wind and those winds are playing a significant deray at the airport now in san jose -- in if, -- in san francisco. if you take a flight to sfo, if you are expecting someone, you should check with your airline. southbound 101 as you are driving down from novato and sonoma county to marin, it's okay. it's a little bit slow. it's been raining there. it is not raining there. it doesn't look like it anyway.
8:09 am
heavier amounts of rain towards the north bay and up to mendocino county and lake county there's been good totals. near mirror rahn da, there's been -- miranda there's been 2 1/2 inches of rain. i'm sure middleton has had more than that. even though we had rain for a while, and it had nothing to do with me leaving -- by the way -- 59 for santa rosa. i think the next couple of days they could get up to 69, 70 if
8:10 am
things continue to march in at advertised. north bay, maybe 4 to 5. after that lesser amounts. most of this toward the central bay will fall into tomorrow as the jeam starts to lit northward. 40s and 50s on the nmps -- temperatures. a warm system is coming in at mid latitude. you can see where it's sweeping in and developing. that's really picking um the wind. some of the rainfall projections will be more than this -- the heavier amounts will be toward, the north bay. clou did you, rain -- cloudy, rain, more in the north pay and then sliding north. mild temperatures, very windy. in the hills up to 40, 45 miles an hour -- miles an hour.
8:11 am
50s and os due to the cold and the rain. rain into wednesday -- 60s due to the cold and rain. rain into wednesday and then sunday looks okay. that storm that hit came this weekend caused a big problem for beaches. look at this. storm runoff littered beaches with cigarette butts, those old drinking cups and down in southern california it's also clogging up the sewers. sam wolputt died on sunday at sanford hot. she was only 19. she play -- at sanford high school. she was only 19. she played at the school with her twin ses ter. coming up -- twin is sifter. coming up later, the cause of her death and why it is a
8:12 am
mystery. stanford is looking for their first national tight until 14 years. 8:11. a battle over proposed bay area shopping center -- a bay area shopping center. the critics, they get a chance to voice their concern. and he was at a redwood shores fund-raiser last night. and a whale of a rescue -- you gotta see this -- in the waters off the california coast. 3q
8:13 am
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8:15 am
cloudy skies, windy conditions. some of the hills up to 40 miles an hour. about .50 of rain in santa rosa. heavier amounts will come in for everyone later this afternoon into tonight. time is -- time is -- time is now 78:14. 78:-- 8:14. a breakfast fund-raiser for mitt romney is expected to start in stockton in the next 15 minutes. richard sharp will have more on that coming up next. also -- a gray whale is back in the water this moving after it was rescued -- this morning after it was rescued near dana point in orange county. the crew tied a buoy to the whale and monitored it overnight. on saturday, they cut the netting and that freed the
8:16 am
whale. 8:15. as we were talking about, our 2012 election coverage as you mentioned, maureen, a breakfast fund-raiser for mitt romney will be starting in about 15 minutes from right now. richard sharp is there in stockton. and richard, has mitt romney arrived yet? >> reporter: yes, we believe he has. as we pan to our right here, we can see a number of protesters that have been here for about a half-hour now. there are a couple dozen of them protesting, obviously, mitt romney and the money being spent here. the event 500 people. 500 plates, each plate about $1,000. expect to raise about $500,000
8:17 am
here. some protesters have been driving back and forthwith signs anti- anti-romney signs throughout the morning. back to you. >> thank you, richard. happening now -- can the federal government force you to buy health insurance? that's the main issue before the u.s. supreme court on day two of three days of arguments about president obama's healthcare reform law today. alison burns is live outside of the court this morning, where it seems the demonstrations are getting bigger and louder. alison? >> reporter: a tea party rally is going on right now. we're seen a number of groups walking past us with "stop obama care" signs. as you can see, the demonstrations are spilling into the streets in front of the house. >> real women buy their own birth control! >> reporter: people against the healthcare reform law are shouting, some with bullhorns,
8:18 am
waving signs and arguments inside the court started about an hour and 15 minutes ago. while the court, of course, is not supposed to consider public opinion. you can bet the justices know she is demonstrations are going on. >> people are excited. they are coming in. they found out about this on facebook and twitter, and they are taking the day off to join us. >> they are standing found arlow -- they are standing together. >> reporter: and they will face the press and crowds when they come down. just like yesterday, we're gonna be getting a audio feed the arguments and we'll have that for you at noon. for now we're five washington, d.c., alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:18. a lot of concern this morning for a missing 22-month-old baby boy who was last seen in april of last year in sacramento county. the dict a -- the disappearance of dwight stalling came to the
8:19 am
attention of sheriff deputies last week after the drug- related arrest of his mother, tanisha edwards. police say the boy is nowhere to be found and edwards has given conflicting statements. his grandmother says it's been a year since she last saw him or her daughter. >> i just want my grandson. if anybody has him, please. >> sheriff deputies say he was never reported missing. they say it's possible he is no longer alive. anyone with information is asked to contact the sacramento sheriff's department. a plim hearing -- preliminary hearing resumes today. 46-year-oldbyron williams is charged with four counts of attempted murder of a peace officer as well as other weapons charges. the chp officers pulled him over on highway 580 in oakland back in july of 2010. that's when a gun battle erupted. prosecutors say williams was
8:20 am
actually on his way to san francisco planning to kill people at the aclu. well, there have been fewer bicycle theys in the mission district lately. san francisco police say in january alone 50 bike theys are reported -- 50 bikes were reported stolen. 8:20. another public meeting is being held tonight to discuss blling a new shopping center -- building a new shopping center on oak grove. safeway owneds the land and wants to build a large, new supermarket that includes a farm ma saw. restaurants and other stores are planned for the development. neighbors are unhappy with the plans and feel the city is not linning to their complaint -- listening to their complaint. sad story to talk about. a tragedy on the campus.
8:21 am
the mysterious they following the -- mysterious story following.
8:22 am
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8:23 am
the stanford campus is mourning for a student athlete
8:24 am
who lost a fight in icu. the 19-year-old girl died sunday night at stanford hospital. she played on the sanford's volleyball team. her coach says it's a tragedy her life was cut so short. >> she was something looking to find what she wanted to study here. there were a lot of things that appealed to her. wonderful writer. >> as for the cause of death, her family would only say she had a medical emergency on st. patrick's day. she's from the san jose area. let's go to sal. let's get you to where you need to go this morning. how are we looking out there, sal? >> well, it's a tough drive. >> yeah. >> because of the winds. it's gonna be windy. steven will be along to tell us
8:25 am
the -- steve will be along to tell us more about that. it's stop-and-go in antioch. very windy as we -- menged -- mentioned. you will see slow traffic all the way up to hyde street. this morning on the peninsula, we've had some slow traffic there daveing down san mateo. 101, the area to avoid. livermore to dublin looks good. some sort of police activity in here. we're trying to find out what this activity is. let's go to steve. thank you, sir. a cloudy, windy morning. most of that rain continues to be mainly towards the north bay. a lot of cloud cover, though. temperatures on the mild side. 40s and 50s. the main core of this system is just offshore. it will be in here later this
8:26 am
afternoon. it's a pretty decent system. already you can see most of that rain about -- pacifica, sfo, oakland, concord, danville north. very light amounts. but dash that's south. heavier amounts in the north. 40s and 50s. the temperatures have really not changed much. watch how that system swings in. that has to move in later today. that will give us one to two inches in the north bay. cloudy, windy at times. mainly coast and the hills. 50s and 60s fossum -- to some mid-60s. rain tonight into wednesday. a break wednesday/thursday. friday, the next system into saturdays and sunday looks okay. okay. we have new information about san francisco's mass murder suspect. his years in san quentin to what happened after he left prison. >> reporter: classes are just about to get underway here at
8:27 am
el dorado school in condord. we'll tell you what the principal has to say about an incident where a man tried to lure two little girl in his car. and you heard steve. what you need to know before you head to the airport.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:29. welcome back. police in concord issued an important warning to young students. that's after a disturbing incident at el dorado middle school. ktvu's christien kafton back now with a recorded message sent out to parents. >> reporter: yeah. we're learning a lot more details about this incident yesterday. classes are just getting underway here at the school.
8:30 am
you might be able to see a couple of students, stragglers coming in. we're learning a lot more details about the incident yesterday. about 45 minutes ago we spoke with the school's principal and he says a staff member overheard the two talking about the incident and the girls said a plan in a black car tried to pick them up this morning as they were walking to school. and then they said the man kept following them and asking them if they wanted a ride. the principal says heer he's trying to get the word out about this incident to the schools. >> it's very important that everybody knows about it. just because he's in concord doesn't mean he's not in martinez, concord or -- or pleasant ton. >> reporter: now, the school sent out information about this incident. students say they are aware of it and they are on alert. >> i'm scared because there's so many kids here. it's just scary someone would
8:31 am
do that. administrators say they also notified concord police about this. christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:30. we're also finding out more about the man's accused of in last week's brutal murder of five people in san francisco. officials say 35-year-old binh thai luc is an exconjailed -- ex-con, jailed for robbery. he was ordered to go back to vietnam avenue finished his sentence but vietnam would not take him back. >> of course, that -- you know, at some point this has to end. it's not right to hold all of these people for these extended periods of time. >> now, luc is the only suspect arrested so far in the five
8:32 am
killings inside a home near san francisco's city college on friday. police say the killer or killers may have been drying -- trying to collect on a gambling debt. last night family members and friends of the victim all gather -- victims all gathered outside of the house. police say the victims who died were victims of a horrible death with an edged weapon. >> why the whole family? i mean, what makes a person hate so mup? >> now, earlier in the day, workers gathered for their moment of silence at a restaurant in chinatown where one of the victims worked as a chef. make sure you stay right here with us at ktvu and also at for continuing coverage. we'll bring you the very latest on this mass murder case both on had air and online.
8:33 am
8:32. new this morning, a labor strike in germany has led to hun dried of flights including some in the bay area -- hundreds of flights canceled including some in the bay area. talks are set to resume tomorrow. this morning, the weather is causing problems for bay area airports. just a few minutes ago, san francisco international began its flow control program. this will slow down take-off and landing times and a delay three hours are expected later this morning. oakland and san jose airports are not reporting any dedays at this time -- delays at this
8:34 am
time 8:33. there is a new report that says u.s. home prices are down for the fifth month in a row and san francisco saw one of the biggest price drops in the country. the latest case-shiller home price report shows san francisco home and condo prices fell 2.5% and that's down 5.9% since january of 2010. overall, national prices fell .810. that puts u.s. home prices back to where they were ten years ago. there is another new report out that says the number of adult
8:35 am
americans is increasing. at the current rate employers will need 23 million more college graduates anyone the colleges and the universities will have tro duesed in the next 13 -- produced in the next 13 hours. the united states will need to have 60% of all adults having college degrees. right now, only 30% of all americans have either a bachelor's or around advanced degree. new this morning, high school students will face tougher rules on college exams this fall. students will have to upload a picture of them sees under new requirements just announced for this morning. admission tickets will be issued to the parents. on testing day, the tickets will be screened against a photo
8:36 am
i.d. the santa rosa school district is seaeth sag a board member's vote to close doyle school. on march 14th, tad wakefield voted to close doyle park to make room for an american--- french-american charter school. tomorrow, the poord is holding a meeting to discuss this issue. 8:36. well, a prize in gasoline prices are gonna make summer travelers change vacation plans this year. 44% of summer travelers say they are -- say they will take fewer trips if the gas prices keep going on. and more than 37% say they are gonna put back on spending, eating out on restaurants. today is the day you week loo -- you like to think of summer -- i had a little bit of
8:37 am
the wipers going, just the white ones. >> yes. >> and let's table a look at what we have. the commute seems to be imporning a little bit. highway 24 is -- 24 had -- improving a little bit. highway 24 is dry. also looking at the bay bridge, it looks like we have a bigger crowd -- pigger crowd now than we it a few moments ago. a lot of cloudy skies. the rain will start to move in for everyone. i'm standing right in front of that system. this is the part that's coming in for later on. what's over the north bay has been doing pretty good.
8:38 am
>> it's steady. fort bragg over an inch of rain. that's probably an inch and a half. ukiah, .87, pl 75. 9 north way could get some really impressive totals. south of that will not be as strong or as heavy but this system coming in to tonight will give rain down to monterey. 37 in tahoe right now.
8:39 am
wind might be a bigger story until later on tonight when the winter storm warning kicks in at 5:00. it will be windy over the pass -- pass and snow lel. cloudy, rain, windy at times, very windy, coast and some of the higher elevations. 60s on the temperatures. held down there about temperatures in the upper 50s to low os. rain looks like thursday should be okay. late thursday into friday, the next system comes in. it does look like something could clip us saturday. but sunday looking okay right now. >> okay. thank you. in colorado this morning, wires are burning foreking hundreds of evacuations. but ifs are hoping for calmer winds today. the biggest in the mountains sweat denver. one death was been reported. at least five homes db dash.
8:40 am
>> a lot of -- >> were destroyed. >> a lot of information coming in -- i know a crew is coming in from arizona the so a lot of boot -- arizona, so the extra boots will make a dent. 8:40. did she give it away on purpose or by accident? that's the question about a winning lottery ticket in the bay area. pam cook will have mow on the debate brew. da it be coosh brewing -- will have more on the debate brewing.
8:41 am
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everything changed with miracle-gro. for you are these flowers, like soap is for showers. everyone grows with miracle-gro. welcome back to "mornings on 2." time is 8:43. we're not seeing the triple- digit gains we saw yesterday on wall street. flat across the board.
8:44 am
home price indexes, the index shows that home prices dropped in january. that's the fifth straight month in most u.s. cities. the leads are san francisco, portland and atlanta. new this morning, consumer confidence dips this month because of lower job expectations. those expecting fewer jobs confidence went up, and more jobs confidence went down. the percentages of people who plan to buy major appliances such as a home or a car in the next six months went up. let's bring up to date on some of the other top stories we're following. san francisco police investigating the two stabbings in two days at the city's financial district. the latest incident happened last night along market street
8:45 am
that. man there on your screen was stabbed by another man after a fight. the victim, he's expected to be okay. the u.s. supreme court takes up the key question in the challenge to president obama's healthcare over haul plan. these are live pictures looking at the u.s. supreme court outside now. today, the justices will hear arguments on whether the government can actually force you to have health insurance. and right now, search efforts are underway for missing teenager sierra lamar. ktvu's allie rasmus has been at morgan hill's search headquarters all morning. she's back to tell us how many more people are coming back to help join the search. >> reporter: well, registration for this effort started at 7:00. organizes say they have more than 150 people signed up to volunteer. you are taking a look at the registration table at burnett
8:46 am
elementary school. this is the headquarters for the sierra search the center. all of the people you see here want to help find clues in the disappearance of 15-year-old sierra lamar. that's the registration table where people hand over a copy of their photo i.d. and some of their contact information. they are given a couple of bottles of water and equipment and then they go through some training. the line to volunteer goes out the door of this building. this is what it looks like light now. -- this is what it looks like right now. the nonprofit klass kid foundation organization is coordinating this effort. that group was finded by marc class, whose own daughter polly, was abducted and murdered near their petaluma home nearly 20 years ago. he says he's not surprised by the turnout. >> it seems to be a big call of
8:47 am
support since this young girl disappeared. so the fact that thus far we've checked in 89 people an it's only a few minutes after 8:00 is incredibly gratifying. >> reporter: volunteers go through a training session before they head out. and giving the presentation is michael le. they helped find the remains of his missing sister last year. so he's now part of this effort helping to train all of the volunteers here. the first teens of volunteers already headed out about a half- hour ago. now, coming up later on this afternoon on the noon news, we'll be following some of those search teams as they head out into the area. the goal is to cover a radius. they are gonna be doing these search efforts every day now until sunday starting at 8:00
8:48 am
a.m. back to you. more information in the deadly shooting rampage in france. a french official says the gunman did not send the video of the attacks which argue agriculture now has. police say -- which al-jazeera now has. police say he may have had an accomplice, the man, muhammed hehra, recorded the video from his point of view. al-jazeera says it will not air that video. we are heering more allegation -- we're hearing more allegations about sergeant bales leaving his base twice before killing those afghan villagers. they say bales left and leaded -- left after the first attacks and went to a second village. there is a new poll that shows the support by americans
8:49 am
for the war in afghanistan has dropped dramatically. the late et "new york times poll" indicates 69% of their surveyed believe the u.s. should not be involved in the war on -- on the war in afghanistan. when people were asked how they think the war is going, 8% say the fighting is going somewhat badly or very badly. leon panetta said the tragedies did not detract from the transfer of power. panetta made those statements in canada. that's where he's meting with ka made -- meeting with canadian an french officials. we want to show you some new video, nasa's launch of
8:50 am
five rockets early this morning. the rockets blasted off one at a time in virginia. they will circle about 65 miles above the earth and release a chemical that will form white clouds. scientists will use those clouds to see where jet stream winds travel and how quickly. you could soon have more control over your personal information online. federal regulators are telling tell -- are asking for do not tracking. at tonight's meeting in vale vallejo, the council -- in vallejo, the councilmembers will be trying out their new ipads. now you, the ipads belong to the city. they will have to be returned
8:51 am
if a councilmember leaves office. other bay area cities have also provided their counsel members with ipads in a way to save money. well, a chan that could change bay area transknit a very big way gets a first vote tomorrow. the full plan would provide almost 12k-8 .5 billion to electrify caltrans tracks. now the commission is expected to recommend $47 million in federal sources for this project. that would divert money away from other agencies including b.a.r.t. and muni. you've heard the saying lightning doesn't strike twice but what about when it comes to wig lottery tickets. >> pam cook is in the noom with more. >> this is a fight over a winning lottery ticket. it involves a woman who already won a million dollars from a previous ticket bought at the
8:52 am
exact same store store. now, liquor and -- same store. now, liquor and foe bako is where -- toe tobacco is where emily bought a ticket worth $1 million. since then she's been giving away money to strangers. she said she went back and gave a man $100 and she accidentally gave o ticket worth did the 260,000. >> once she gave the ticket to him, it's his. >> the man said it was given to him as a gift.
8:53 am
she apparently credited emily with her controversy. we've been getting a lot of feedback on this on facebook. most are citing with the man who turned in the tcket im-- turned in the ticket. >> now, the state lottery commission's security department is now investigating this story. they may use the surveillance video to try to figure out exactly what happened and who is the rightful owner. >> dave? >> pam, very interesting. thank you. 8:53. boy, a really close call in the east bay, a car plows right through a nail salon. look at this. we'll tell you what may have caused the accident. and here is a live look outside. sal will have a final look at your tuesday commute -- next.
8:54 am
8:55 am
7,000 high school students drop out every school day. that's a line of desks more than 4 miles long.
8:56 am
we can keep bay area students in school. visit and take the first step. good morning. we have breaking news? san jose. there's been a building evacuated at the san jose poet office. apparently some people had some sort of hazardous material inside the billing. the street there -- blling. the street -- buildingle -- let me say that again -- first street is closed between st. john and st. james. several people at a nail salon may be biting their own nails of a after a scary
8:57 am
incident -- after a scary intercy dent. this car came through -- incident. the car came through. you can see the car at the elite nail salon. luckily, only a few people were there inside when it happened and no one was hurt. investigators think the driver may have had some kind of medical problem. it's ticket tuesday. today's winners get to check out the legendary band, aerosmith at the oracle theater in oakland. aerosmith has sold more than 100 million albums. go to the website before tonight and put in "idol." >> you know, that dude looked like a lady. [ laughter ] san jose, i want to if to the maps here -- to go to the maps here. a buildingle -- building has been evacuated. this is because of some sort of hazardous material. san jose crews are on the scene
8:58 am
and we want you to stay aaway -- away from the area if you can. steve? >> cloudy, windy. there will be heavier amounts of rain coming in for everybody tonight in for wednesday and for those of you saying will there be a decrease? well, dream on -- [ laughter ] -- not yet. thank you for joining us. we'll continue to follow that breaking news from the south bay. and join us at noon for more on the search for the missing morgan girl teenager. we're always here. thank you for joining us.
8:59 am
really? what's this? this is a rose i made from a turnip. let's try together. perfect.


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